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Bike Handling Skills: Cornering

With many of us off the bike for the winter or stuck indoors on an indoor trainer, we have neglected our bike handling skills. It's normal to feel a little strange going out after some time cycling indoors, as you actually have to balance the bike. Right now is a great opportunity to practice your bike handling skills ready for the season ahead.

Why you can benefit from cornering effectively

When we take a corner we often just want to break and turn my using our handlebars. However with a nice smooth turn we can take the corners faster and it is actually safer as you are more in control of the bike and you can see more as you turn.

How to corner effectively

  • Where you look is very important. You want to look where you are going rather than what you want to avoid.

  • Use your drops and lean onto the side that you want to turn. Tighter corners are harder, so it's best to practice on gentle bends in the road with a smooth road surface.

  • Lift your inside pedal up and and the outside wants to be at 6 o'clock, this is so you don't risk scrapping your pedal as you turn.

Take some time to practice these techniques and build your confidence.

To talk with me about becoming a stronger cyclist Book a Free Discover Call.

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