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Can I have a demanding job and improve my fitness?

Yes, you can! It make take some trial and error and willingness to change some habits, but you will be better off from it.

Skills you will learn

  • How to prioritise what is important to you.

  • Focus

  • Confidence

  • Determination

  • The drive to achieve more

  • When it's ok to have time out from work

  • How structure to provide a healthy and fulfilling routine

What you will need to consider

  • Ensure you are getting enough sleep. No one can function well at work or on the bike with long periods of sleep depravation.

  • What you you feel passionate about and what motivates you to achieve your goals.

  • How to use your time to get what you want out of it.

I am someone that has set up two businesses and gets out cycling regularly and also races, I have determination to get better in cycling and with running a business. Personally, I find cycling a catalyst to work harder and more effectively, so it is fulfilling. It makes me feel alive and motivates me to do well. I know cycling takes up many hours of my wee and I am aware of the hours I use to take on different tasks. It has taken a lot of time to establish a healthy routine. Occasionally, I will take some time off cycling, but I don't find I really gain an awful lot from the time I am given.

Share in the comments, how has cycling helped you progress in your professional life?

Book a free Intro Call with me to help find your cycle/work balance.

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