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Cycling and Your Spouse

Some of us have a spouse, some of us have a spouse that cycles and some of us have a spouse that doesn't cycle. All have their benefits and challenges. So just for fun here are a few amusing scenarios.

You have a spouse that cycles

It's great, maybe you have someone there that can fix your punctures and look after all the mechanical problems with your bike. You can share you passions and you both understand your need to schedule your life around your bike rides and the weather.

Possible drawbacks might be that you have to share your indoor trainer and potentially your cycling friends with your spouse. You may go out on rides together and get frustrated by having to keep up with them. If this is the case tell them it's a skill to ride at someone else pace... and yes it is a skill! Or maybe vice versa you have to drag your partner out on the bike and they are just not as passionate at it as you.

You have a spouse that doesn't cycle

It's great because they are probably happy you are out the house all day during the weekend and they can get some tine to themselves. Maybe have someone to have the food ready for you when you get home. They will be proud of what you achieve and not be tempted to complete with you. It's fine that you have different interests.

Possible problems might be that they just don't understand your need for cycling kits and upgrades to your bike.

You don't have a spouse

Great, you can do what you want with no one to question you!

Whatever your situation. It's always a good goal and motivation to get faster than your partner.

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