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Fitting in Cycling with your working and family life!

Updated: May 6

For many of us it can become so easy to neglect our time out on the bike. It can become quite easy to be consumed by other responsibilities and forget about the things that are important to us. The last year has brought us new challenges with the lack of the structure with working from home and no group riding allowed, so even more reason to focus on prioritising our time out on our bikes.

Why cycling should be high on our priorities

  • You know it puts you in a better mood and will make you a nicer person to be around

  • Your health is important and will mean you have less problems later in life

  • Cycling can put you in a flow state and make you more productive at work

  • You can be an inspiration to your kids

How to make your life work for you

  • Prioritise your time, put cycling into your diary and stick to it

  • Tell your family when you will be going cycling. I'm sure that they will see you come home a happier person

  • Be strict on yourself and don't put extra hours in at work if you don't need to, you will be a better worker with cycling in your life.

To talk with me about making the time to get stronger on your bike Book a Free Discovery Call

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