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Getting Outdoors and Overcoming your Fear of Traffic

With the weather getting a little more pleasant and a reminder that we love cycling because we love the outdoors. We are in fact often presented with a few more challenges. One of that of being the traffic. Although accidents do happen and some drivers can be abusive, many cyclists take so much joy in cycling the roads alongside drivers.

At end of the day. We cannot focus too much on perfection, but it is important to understand that we do have to share the roads with cars. If you are nervous of other road users, get out onto safe roads, be respectful of others and build up your confidence.

  • If possible ride at less busier times when there will be less traffic on the roads

  • If you live in a city and you have a car, you can drive out to better roads

  • Research what roads are dangerous for cyclists and avoid them

  • Wear bright clothing so that cars can see you

  • Always ride with a flashing red light at the back

  • Always stop at lights (don't give cyclists a bad name by breaking the rules)

  • Stop and indicate a junctions

  • Keep to the side of the road so that cars can pass you

Personally I have had a few accidents, all I can say is that it is worth it, for all the great times I have experienced cycling on the roads.

If you want to build your confidence on the bike Book a Free Discovery Call

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