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GGSC Podcast Episode 3 - Taking on a Triathlon with Coach Charlotte

In our latest episode of the GGSC podcast we are joined by Charlotte one of our cycling and triathlon Coaches.

Charlotte has been competing in triathlons for the past 6 years and has literally been competing in triathlons non-stop since then. She came to triathlon as a runner where she was getting lots of injuries. She learned to love the bike and learned the hard way how to balance all 3 disciplines. Basically Charlotte has made every mistake in the book and through each event learned from it to become a better athlete.

As a coach Charlotte shares with her clients what can help you on the day and how best to build your fitness from your first triathlon to completing an Ironman. What Charlotte loves most about coaching women is seeing the change of mindset through their training into believing that they can do this and also how this confidence translates to other areas of life, in that if we set our mind to something, with the right preparation we can make it happen.

In this episode Charlotte also shares with us how to feel prepared on the day, save time in each discipline and act with confidence and feel satisfied at the end of the event.

Charlottes dedication to the sport has really paid off as she gained a place in Kona this year. She shares with us what it means to her and how she will be taking on the event. She also shares with us what you can do to get your place at Kona.

We hope you enjoy listening. You can subscribe on APPLE and SPOTIFY

If you would be interested in learning how Charlotte can help you achieve your goals Book a Free Discovery Call

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