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How Cycling Can Give you Independence

Cycling is a great way to express your independence as a woman. Hopefully we can bring a new identity to cycling and overthrow the stereotype of the MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra) out for the day cycling whilst women are taking care of the home.

Bring on the IWIL (independent woman in lycra)

What makes the IWIL Great?

She will be challenging the stereotypes. In fact many women with families are now having the freedom to find time for themselves through the pursuit of cycling. Women have reported that their partners are supportive of their cycling as they know that when they get home in a better mood. This will be reflected onto their children too. Many children feel inspired to lead healthy lives, when they have a fit and healthy role model as a mother.

How cycling can make you Independent

  • For some cycling is learning a new skill in itself. The eagerness and ability to learn something new at any age is a sign of strength and developing your passions.

  • You have the independence to get around on your own steam, it’s just you and your bike.

  • You have the freedom to set yourself goals and the determination to achieve them.

  • You have the courage to say this is my time and I am going to spend it on my bike.

  • You are embodying the image of a fit and strong woman

  • You brave all the weathers

  • You climb hills, even when you know they are tough

  • You have the energy for an adventure

  • You have the strength to get back on your bike if you get knocked off

  • You are a woman that knows what will make her happy

What makes you feel like an Independent Woman in Lycra?

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