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Learning To Be Consistent

Do you find it hard to keep your training consistent?

Do you train loads for a week or so and then struggle with finding the time or the energy the next?

Being consistent in training is hard. Life is always throwing us new challenges. One thing that works for someone else may not work for you. This can cause more stress in order to stick with it.

Why should I be a consistent cyclist

Ultimately, you want to be cycling consistently so you can improve your fitness as a cyclist. Those weeks that you are getting out more you will be building on your fitness, if you are unable to maintain the training, you will be unable to gain on the progress you will have made. Sometimes, you will just end up back at the same level of fitness as before, just more frustrated ready to go through the same cycle again.

How to learn to be a Consistent Cyclist

  • Remind yourself that consistency is more important than pushing yourself in every single session.

  • Become routined get out the same times each week.

  • Accept that you may need to take the time to experiment with a schedule and routine that works best for you.

  • Set yourself a manageable plan that you can confidently stick with week after week.

  • Ensure you give yourself a little room for unexpected events in our schedules. Be realistic and expect that sometimes life gets in the way.

  • Keep track of your progress.

  • If you are finding the training easy, that’s great. Acknowledge it and remind yourself this is the result of consistent training.

  • Only increase your training when you have managed to be consistent with your current training for at least 4 weeks.

  • Take regular rest days, they are fine and they usually are a great remedy to avoid weeks off the bike!

Above all Never Give up Completely!

Remember, we like cycling as it is tough and we like to challenge ourselves! Focus on the long term goals and see everyday as a learning experience.

Share in the comments, what helps you be a consistent cyclist?

Talk with me today if you want help to be more consistent. Book a Free Intro Call

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