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Listen to Our Latest Podcast - International Women's Day 2024

In this special episode Elspeth your host will be presenting a very special episode in which we dedicate to international women’s day and all the women out there that challenge themselves through the love of cycling and also to the women who came before us that inspired us and gave us opportunities. 

We have several women on the show that our coached by GGSC and some also attended our camps in Mallorca to hear what International Women’s day means to them as cyclists.

First we hear from Gill from the UK who has been having cycling coaching from Charlotte from GGSC and is currently attending her second advanced level GGSC camp in Mallorca. Gill lives in the UK and is lucky enough to have a women's cycling group, in which is still growing. She loves it because the women are all very strong and supportive of one another.

Elspeth then talks with Victoria who has been having coaching with Elspeth for the past 3 months and in that time is already faster and stronger and riding with more groups. Victoria lives in Dubai and shares how it is a great place to cycle and women's cycling is growing very quickly, buy she still find the groups she rides with quite male dominated.

Esther then joins to show, who has been coached by Elspeth for the past 6 months, she is also currently attending her first GGSC cycling camp in Mallorca. Esther works in the tech industry and values all the great women that have been leaders in the field.

Finally Elspeth talks about what international women's day means to her and how it's important to have women leaders in cycling to help it grow and provide more opportunities.

You can listen to the full episode on APPLE or SPOTIFY

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