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Listen to the Latest Episode of Our Podcast 👂- Building in Recovery with Márcia

In this episode of the Girls Get Strong Cycling Podcast Elspeth in joined by Márcia. Some of you may know Márcia already as she is a guide at our cyclist camps in Mallorca. In addition to this she also works as a massage therapist. She works with a range of customers from cyclist, people needing to relax from their jobs and also for cycle teams during races.

Márcia explains that she has been cycling for the last 18 years. Originally from Portugal she picked up cycling there with support of her boyfriend in which she shares her cycling passion with. She mainly did mountain biking, until she moved to Cork in Ireland 6 years ago. Her biggest achievement was racing the RAS a professional race that takes place in Ireland each year. When moving to Cork Márcia found it hard to find women to cycle with and recently shared a cycling group in the area where women meet to go on social rides.

Márcia discusses the great role that massages can play during the GGSC camp and can help you during a week of tough riding and also general problems that cyclist face through tough training, such as tired muscles in the legs, pains in the back and hips and strategies that we can use especially when faced with working full time and having little time for recovery. Márcia reminds us that a massage can be as much of a relaxation of the mind as well as the body and what she loves most about the job is seeing the change of people into a relaxed and calm state when they finish the massage.

Elspeth and Márcia also discuss what they love about Mallorca and what they do to prioritise their recovery time.

You can listen to the episode on APPLE and SPOTIFY

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