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Listen to the Latest Episode of Our Podcast - On Track, a play on two wheels

On the latest episode of the GGSC podcast I interview Cassie Friend. Cassie started cycling during lock down, through the confinements it gave her the sense of freedom and an excuse to get out of home schooling.

Since then Cassie has joined her local club 'Newbury Road Club' she turned up as a very nervous rider not knowing what to expect. Since then the club has grown it's female members and Cassie explains how inclusivity has helped. They have regular women's rides catering to different levels and you can even switch group at the coffee stop if you find you are in the wrong place.

Cassie is Co Artistic Director of RedCape Theatre which is a women led production company. Cassie found working in the industry was quite superficial and loves making work that it important to her the way she likes. So many of her productions are based on topics of women's empowerment.

Her most recent production On Track tackles issues of the freedom that the bicycle has given women throughout time and the vehicle of self reliance. Something that as female cyclists we can all relate to. The play is set in the time of lock down and tells her personal story of what cycling meant to her at that time.

You can listen to the full episode on APPLE and SPOTIFY.

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