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Long Ride Nutrition Strategies

With warmer weather on the horizon, it is time to get out for longer rides on your bike. However, with cafes currently closed it is a good time to focus on having a great nutrition strategy that serves you well.

You may not feel like eating during your ride, as the adrenaline kicks in. However, in terms of performance, recovery and weight loss it is beneficial to have a good nutrition strategy for longer rides.


  • Eat little and often.

  • Eat carbohydrates, cereal bars, bananas, flapjacks, dates, energy balls, bagels. These can easily be carried with you.

  • Start eating within the first hour of your ride for rides of more than 2 hours.

  • Have a reasonable sized breakfast, porridge is a good option

  • Have energy gels only at the end of your ride if you are feeling low on energy.

  • Stop have a snack, enjoy the view and take some photos.

  • Find out if anywhere is open for takeaway coffee to plan into your route (you will also be supporting your local businesses).


  • Have a huge breakfast and then eat nothing during the ride

  • Go out without breakfast

  • Rely only on energy gels, the act fast but also would help too much for the entire ride.

  • Go out the house with no food on you.

Check out my blog tomorrow as I will be sharing a recipe for energy balls.

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