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New Podcast Episode - A Season of Cyclocross with Frances

In our latest episode of our podcast Elspeth will be joined by Frances who has bee coached by Rachel for the past 7 months. in that time shoe has gone from feeling quite aimless to racing regularly in cyclocross and came 3rd overall in the senior category.

Frances shares how she got into cycling from wanting to keep fit and now with her daughter a few years old she has more time to focus on cycling. Frances talks about he skills she has developed throughout the season and how she fits training into her lifestyle.

She talks about the different types of riders in cyclocross, with many women in the over 40's category in which she will be in next year. She discusses how it's actually quite a safe way of racing on the bike as you only fall into mud. Also that it is great that the races are just with other women.

Her coach Rachel talks about the skills involved with cyclocross and the importance of setting some time to practice this. She highlights how it can be a long season and that it's good that all the races are varied to keep focused and all the difference skills that have been developed. It's going to be really exciting to see how Frances is going to perform in the Paris to Roubaix this year.

Thanks for being an inspiration Frances.

You can listen to the full episode here:

You can listen to this and all our episodes on APPLE and SPOTIFY

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