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New Podcast Episode: Training for a Sportive or Gran Fondo

In our latest episode of the Girls Get Strong Cycling Podcast Elspeth interviews Rachel, one of our online cycling coaches.

Rachel explains that at Sportive or Gran Fondo to our USA listeners is a great organised cycling event, often on closed roads. They are not generally categorised as races as it's more about you against the clock, they are timed. What is great about sportives is that they attract cyclists of lots of different levels. More many women their goal could be to complete a certain distance or to do the event in a certain time.

The distances of events vary from around 40miles to 200miles. Also, the type of terrain can vary from event to event so Rachel explains it is good to do your research and find an event that you can work towards. As for training Rachel explains now is a good time to build a good base and leading up to the event start to mimic the actual challenges of the event.

Rachel shares her insight on how to fuel yourself for a sportive and that it is important to eat often during the ride and stick with foods that they are used to.

Rachel loves training women for sportives or gran fondos as she sees the women transform as cyclist and to achieve things that they once though out of the capabilities as a cyclist.

Tune in to listen to the full episode on Spotify or Apple

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