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The difference between Being and Doing your best

Updated: May 6

For many of us we are always striving to be the best or achieving the best results. The reality is that this is not always possible and would lead to constant misery if we did not achieve the best every day.

What does being the best mean?

Being the best can mean lots of different things. Winning the race means you are the best at that race on that particular day. It could mean following a set of instructions precisely. I could mean being the fasted up a hill on that particular day.

It's great that people can be celebrated for being the best. However, we cannot all be the best. Sometimes it can leave us feeling miserable that we did not beat our own best time, following instructions correctly or win the race. At the end of the day, no one likes a sour looser. We can do everything inside us to do our best, but usually someone will beat us.

We may loose, but it is possible to have a positive mindset, that can help us improve.

How we can do our best

If we have goals we can be present with them in every given moment. My philosophy when I am on the start line of any race that I remind myself all I can do is my best on that day. Things may not always work out the way you want, but you can walk away with confidence that you know you did you best, with the knowledge and ability you had on that day.

You can review what you could do better with no foul judgement to learn and practice from your experience.

Share in the comments. Are you guilty of giving yourself a hard time for not being the best?

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