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The Importance of Core Strength for Cyclists

During our cyclist camp we have been discussing the importance of building a strong core to help becoming a stronger cyclist.

You may more enjoy core exercises but dedicating just 10 minutes a few times a week is going to really benefit you as a cyclist. Here is why:-

  • Having a strong core can help prevent fatigue: By building a stronger core you can use much more of your body to transfer the force into your pedals, ultimately saving your legs from fatigue.

  • Stability: You can feel more stable on the bike so you can use your core to help you balance.

  • Positioning: If you want to get into a more aero position, then building a stronger core is a must. Even if you want for freedom of the range of positioning on the bike a stronger core will give you an advantage.

  • Injury Prevention: If you experience back pain,

Look out for my blog next week where I will be sharing some core excises to help you as a cyclist.

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