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The Power of Sleep

Do you find that you are stuck in a routine of early mornings and late nights?

Routine is good, but more importantly a healthy sleep routine is great for you and for your cycling performance.

The benefits of sleep include:

  • Sleep can help boost your immune system

  • Lack of sleep can make you put on weight as it will increase your appetite.

  • Adequate sleep can help with a healthy heart

  • More sleep will put you in a better mood

  • You can be more productive through being well rested and get out on your bike more.

  • More sleep will ensure you can perform well whilst cycling.

  • You can be more focused with more sleep

  • Sleep will help improve your memory.

The problem with not enough sleep

I have been guilty of not getting enough sleep myself. In the past I was up first thing everyday of the week to make the most of the day. Lying in became an alien experience for me and I was up no matter what. The result was that I was stressed, anxious and I always felt like I was catching up with everything I needed to do. I was running on adrenaline. My cycling was very inconsistent and I was great one week and lack of energy on the bike the next.

How to get more sleep

Getting the adequate amount of sleep is easier said than done. We are habitual beings after all.

  • Set your phone to stop sending notifications after a certain time in the evening.

  • Aim to get to bed an hour earlier.

  • Swap screen time for reading a book.

  • Take naps when you can (your sleep doesn't not need to be in one block)

  • Have one day in the week where you make no plans in the morning and don’t get an alarm.

Share in the comments, are you guilty of not getting enough sleep?

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