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When's the Best Time to Cycle in Mallorca

This is a question I get asked a lot. One of the things that makes Mallorca such an amazing cycling destination is that it is suitable to all year round cycling, plus you will find places such as restaurants open all year round too. However, Mallorca does have it's seasons, not only in weather but also in terms of the flow of cyclists and visitors.

The Most Popular Months

If you want to experience Mallorca as the cycling mecca that it is, the best time to come is in Spring, particularly in April. This is when most cyclists come and visit and tackle Mallorca's amazing roads. On some of the roads you might even think that you are in a sportive with the constant flow of groups of cyclists. In terms of climate Mallorca is warm around mid 20's (celsius), you should be wearing your shorts and maybe even fancy a cool dip in the sea. The appeal comes from wanting to start the season early as for many of us it will still be quite cool and we want summer to come early.

The Fairly Popular Months

In autumn Mallorca is also quite popular with cyclists. You can expect the climate to still be quite warm, perhaps early 30's (celsius) particularly in September. We find many people enjoy visiting this time of year as they have the summer to train and then can really enjoy their time cycling with their summer fitness in the legs. We can recommend November, it's a great month as you really can extend your summer and we still have a good day of light. It gets dark at around 6pm. At this time of the year there are much less cars on the roads from tourists.

The Months Favoured by the Locals

Mallorca is inhabited by many cyclists that live and train in Mallorca all year round. You will find Mallorquians that are born on the island that have a huge passion for cycling, many expats that have been drawn to the island for it's beauty and cycling. If you ask many of these cyclist, they will tell you the winter months are the best. It can feel cold at night, but the temperatures warm up by mid morning typically reaching 14-16 celsius, but under the wonderful sunshine. It's also not uncommon for spells of mid 20's when you can be out in your shorts and that feels really special during December and January. You will still never go out on a ride without bumping into a number of cyclists, you may even spot a few pros training. I love these months as you can feel really privileged to be able to get your winter miles in under the sunshine.

The Months It's Just Too Hot

Unless you are combining your summer holiday with a cycling trip, then avoid the months from late June, July and August. I can be quite unpleasantly hot. It gets very humid and temperatures up to the 40's celsius. Everything is more expensive and there will be many hire cars on the roads viewing the sights (which we know is so much better exploring by bike). We don't hold cycling camps during these months for these reasons. Personally I train all year round in Mallorca, because I live here, it's doable and you do adapt somewhat to the heat. If you do, get up as early as possible and try and get your ride in by 9am. Drink lots of water and ensure that you have a pool or the sea nearly to jump into when you finish.

Of course best way to enjoy Mallorca by bike is with a positive group of female cyclists on our cycling camps.

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