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Why Am I Not Getting Faster?

As cyclists we all come a point where we want to get faster? It's often our number one goal. What I love about cycling, is that there are always ways to get faster. It's like problem solving. It feels like there are a million ways to get faster and I think that it will differ from one cyclist to the other but here are a few.

  • You are not giving yourself enough recovery days

  • You are too focused on completing challenges and getting the miles in

  • You have been doing the same thing for years

  • You are not pushing yourself

  • You are riding the same routes

  • You always ride with the same people

  • You don't think about your positioning on the bike

Consider if you are guilty of any of the above and try these remedies:

  • Take at least 2 rest days a week and let your body recover so you can go harder when you train

  • Consider your goals and make sure that the action you take, directly relates to you achieving them.

  • Do something different, to challenge yourself

  • Practice interval training and learn to ride slowly between intervals

  • Go on routes that scare you a little

  • Go out with a friendly group where their speed intimidates you a little

  • Focus on improving your flexibility so you can become more aerodynamic on the bike.

Book a Free Discovery Call to talk with me about how you want to become a faster cyclist.

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