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Why I Started Girls Get Strong Cycling

I often get asked this question and I often answer this question and the truth is you will often get different answers as the story unfolds.

Girls Get Strong Cycling has been going for 1 and a half years now. It has been really exciting to see how it has transformed with our cycle camps and very humbling to have some clients that have been with us from the start.

Girls Get Strong Started during my time in quarantine. Here in Spain we were not allowed to leave the house of 7 weeks! With the frustrations and worries of my gym I ran closed. It sparked a desire act on a venture that was always with me somewhat, in which is supporting and bringing together women sharing my own frustrations from being a female cyclist.

We all love cycling and the feeling you have from being out on the bike, but the culture is not always there for us. Things are changing and more opportunities are being given to female cyclist and it feel great to be part of this change, but I think we still have a way to go.

For me my frustrations lie with not having other females of a similar ability to ride with. I remember being in a cycling club in the UK, whenever there was a women's ride I was expected to join it, however the experience was incredibly disjointed with such an array of experiences and abilities, I was just there because I was a women.

From racing in Mallorca, where there are very few female races, those of which again have such a vast level of abilities, only to see the men's races with separate races for different categories. To racing alongside men when I know I train harder and work so hard to just about keep in the race.

Different countries vary in terms of opportunities for women to race, some women just want to do it as a hobby as men do, but for many countries the only option is at professional level, as it is here is Spain. If you look at the countries that do well in professional cycling, there are opportunities for women to get into racing at any age or level.

Getting back to Girls Get Strong Cycling, it has been amazing to connect with so many women who have very different or similar experiences as female cyclists It gives me the upmost pleasure to be able to connect theses women with each other and the opportunities to become stronger cyclists. Within GGSC, we can now offer more diversity and give women the opportunities to share their experiences with women like themselves, such as through different levels at our cycling camps. We can all do our bit and give everyone more opportunities, by putting ourselves out there and taking on more challenges as female cyclists!

To talk with me about your cycling goals and or frustrations as a female cyclist Book a Free Discovery Call

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