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Why Women's Cycling Groups are Great!

For many women we end up riding alone, with a couple of friends, hanging onto a group of men, or even feeling good riding with men. However you ride, it's always great to have the option of a group of gals to ride with.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Women riding together are more of an even playing field in terms of our strength.

  • We can feel more confident in developing are skills, such as group riding, descending, pacing ourselves on a hill as physically we are more similar to each other.

  • We interact differently to men and can be more fun.

  • You can feel inspired with what others have achieved knowing a pathway for you to get there too!

Here's why it can be hard to find women's groups:

  • There are less female cyclists than men

  • Groups struggle to get started as there is often such a vast mixed ability when a group is set up.

  • Many women just don't show up.

Here is some guidance if you are trying to grow your group:

  • Be clear of who the group is aimed at, it is a beginner group, or for women that want to feel challenged with more experience. Using 'social' can be very misleading, one women's social pace can be very different to anothers.

  • Be consistent so women have the opportunity to keep showing up and growing the group.

Having a women's group doesn’t have to be something that you ride with all the time, but do your bit and help grow women's cycling by attending events for women and growing your network of cycling friends.

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