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We make you stronger!

At Girls Get Strong Cycling we have a mission to help women around the world get stronger on their bikes.

Who can Benefit from Cycle coaching

Anyone who wants to improve their confidence, speed and fitness on the bike. I can help you prepare for an event or succeed in racing or just get up the hills faster!

How is cycle coaching delivered?

The coaching is delivered online, so anyone in the world can benefit. Once I listen to your goals I will deliver your plan through TrainingPeaks. I will take your feedback and give you support throughout. 

How do I get started?

First book your free discovery call so that you can tell me about your goals.

"before joining Girls Get Strong Cycling felt I was not really progressing. I was cycling aimlessly with no goals or guidance. I found someone who was experienced in supporting me and in giving me a structured training plan. I am now getting faster and combatting hills better. If I could have spoken to myself a year ago I would have been shocked that I can actually call myself a cyclist!  


        Danielle, Coaching Client

"Great camp with with a fantastic group of women, none of whom had ever met each other before the trip. Lovely and comfortable hotel - wonderful staff and delicious food. GGSC took care of everything. High quality bike hire and assembly (the set up was spot on), varied and challenging routes, massages, washing, yoga - nothing was too much trouble. Expert guidance from Elspeth and her team. Fun, and more fun. For anyone thinking about this camp, don’t hang around. I booked my next camp before I’d finished this one. You’ll get confidence and learn the skills you need to become a stronger rider. And you’ll feel motivated to continue your training and riding when you get home. You don’t have to be able to ride 100s of kilometres or climb 1000s of metres, but with the support of your new friends, you’ll go further and faster than you have done before".

        Katrina, January 2023 Camp Attendee

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