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Sue Chittock


"I like the ethos that women do better when they support each other more when they are together. I believe that I can become a stronger woman through the support of other women. I love the culture that girls can get stronger at cycling rather than just cycle.

The change between me now and a year ago is one of resilience and robustness, both physically and mentally. I think that the two are linked. I think as you get stronger physically, you also get stronger mentally and one feeds the other. I think that it has been the biggest change for me.


Considering I have been training in my spare room for 3 months because of lockdown, my biggest achievement  has been to start racing on Zwift, which I had never even heard of a few months ago. 


It has been a huge achievement to have the opportunity to race on Zwift, to see the improvements and pitch myself against some really strong riders in the league. It has been incredible and very gratifying to go from zero to hero in such a short amount of time. It is quite unusual to make these kinds of gains that I have in 3 months.

Girl you can get strong!”

Abi Squires

Elspeth is brilliant & I've already made great progress with her. She structures my training helping me to work towards my goals without overtraining amidst my normal busy life

Her feedback & experience is invaluable in quietly building my cycling confidence. Since training with Elspeth I smashed my first TT, cycled Sa Colobra on my own (I found this very daunting), completed my 1st 200 mile ride & cycled around a big chunk of in 8 days. I have also gained the confidence from my training to move up to a faster cycling group at my club

I look forward to our weekly check ins as she is very personable & helps give me focus & perspective. She has created an extremely positive & supportive group for female cyclists which is a pleasure to be a part of


Sarah Harris


I’ve been having coaching with Elspeth for a few months now and it’s been a lifeline.

As well as obviously helping me within my fitness on and off the bike ... i have also learnt so much about everything.

She’s helped me build and use a turbo trainer and guided me through the technical side of everything as well.

She’s given me advice about kit, techniques and nutrition. Yes I feel accountable to someone and I need that but she is inspiring, encouraging but most certainly not judgemental.

Her Facebook, Strava and Insta posts are brilliant and the group page makes me feel part of a community. Hearing what other strong ladies are doing also spurs me on and following Elspeth’s own cycling journey is also bloody impressive and inspires me and I really appreciate that she is the real deal when it comes to cycling and it practising what she preaches 100%.

Touching base through weekly zoom chats has been awesome and given me time to reflect and think about my next steps. Elspeth is so supportive and encourages you to look inward and tackle root causes of any struggles you may be having. I love my planned turbo sessions and though miles away I know Elspeth will scrutinise how I do and feedback to me so I know I have to give each session my all!

So so glad I started coaching sessions and found Get Strong Cycling!

Sue Whaites

Absolutely fabulous, knowledgable, motivational and supportive. Weekly programme really works in getting you to achieve your goals, plus the weekly zoom chat is great. Elspeth is a star, she is so very supportive, readily changes the programme around to fit well into a hectic lifestyle. Although I am a bit of an old girl she has helped me to become a regular, consistent and much more confident cyclist. I would heartily recommend her to anyone who feels they need a bit of assistance, and in my case a slight kick up the bum!!!!! I have gone from intermittent trading to regular 4x per week for the last 12weeks, thank you Elspeth you are the best!!!


Hannah Radford


I’ve been training with Elspeth for six months now. I’m a leisure cyclist and my goals are to ride up hills faster and improve my endurance so I can keep up with my friends on holiday.

With a demanding full-time job and two small kids, I have very little free time, but Elspeth’s super-efficient training plan means my riding is better than ever.

She’s also my nutrition coach. I’ve steered clear of nutrition coaching before because I like beer and potatoes too much and I didn’t fancy being lectured. Over the last couple of months, Elspeth has gently nudged me towards a better eating balance without any extreme measures.

Overall, I’m really happy with my progress on the bike, I’m enjoying riding more and I’m on course towards my target weight, feeling healthier and more energetic.

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