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10 Reason to Get Faster at Cycling in 2021!

Maybe you are already committed to getting faster a cycling or it's one of your goals. If you are wanting some extra motivation, here are 10 reasons why you should

  1. Cycling has helped you survive 2020, take the courage you gained in 2020 to help you with future challenges.

  2. Focusing and achieving goals will improve your confidence.

  3. You are ambitions and can achieve what you set your mind to.... prove it!

  4. Being stronger on the bike will make you more resilient to the stresses of life

  5. Perhaps next year we will be able to cycle with people and it will be even better if we can get up the hills faster than them!

  6. By improving your fitness on your bike, you will be improving your health and longevity.

  7. We can all play our part in making women's cycling even more impactful in 2021.

  8. You will get to places faster.

  9. Your 2021 strava stats will look even better!

  10. Getting out on your bike is great for your mental health. If we all take responsibility for our own mental health we can make the world a better place.

Happy New Year!

Elspeth x

To talk with me about your cycling goals book a free discovery call

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