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10 Reasons You Should Get A Bike Fit

For so many of us cycling come quite addictive and we want to get out on our bikes more and more. However at times we can feel discomfort from our bike, that can become very frustrating and make cycling to so enjoyable. So many of these issue can be resolved with a good bike fit. I would recommend everyone gets a bike fit, if you want a good suit you pay for a tailor so if you want your bike to feel good get it fitted properly.

These are just some of the common issue that can be overcome with a good bike fit.

  1. Saddle sores

  2. Discomfort from saddle pressure

  3. Knee Pain

  4. It can make you more aerodynamic (a bike fitter will balance aerodynamics and comfort based on your goals)

  5. Correct cleat positioning

  6. Improved flexibility

  7. Numb hands

  8. Back pain

  9. Selecting the right size for your

  10. Prevention of injuries

How to find a bike fitter

If you are in Mallorca we can recommend Bicimetrics and here is a directory of bike fitters. As with many services the quality you will get may vary so, look up their recommendations.

Next week we will be discussing what you can expect to happen during your bike fit.

To get the support of a cycling coach through your cycling journey book a free discovery call.

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