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5 common mistakes we make when starting cycling

Updated: May 6

Cycling is quite a complex sport, there is a lot to learn about kit, training and technique and a lot to explore along the way.

Never be put off by your mistakes, we started cycling as we want to learn something new.

  • Not wearing padded shorts - yes if you are not a cyclist they probably look stupid, but for anyone that has resisted getting them, will wonder why when they finally get into some.

  • Wearing underwear with your cycling shorts, you will experience uncomfortable chaffing.

  • Not having the right saddle height - to find your saddle height measure your inside leg and x 0.886. Now measure from the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle. Go and visit a bike fitter to help you with the perfect bike fit.

  • Hills will one day become easy. Hills will always be tough, only with the right training you will get faster going up them.

  • Not refuelling enough on rides. You need to eat a lot on long rides, especially when you are new to them. Only when you learn to refuel correctly will you know the benefits.

Share in the comments, what common mistakes have you overcome as a cyclist?

Book a free discovery call if you want to learn more about how you can become a more confident cyclist.

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