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5 Reasons Why You Should Go On a Women's Only Cycling Holiday

If you are a women that loves cycling you may or may not be automatically drawn to the idea of a female only holiday. But when in life as a woman do we get to be immersed in a female dominated environment, where women's needs are put first as cyclists?

Girls Get Strong Cycling is lead by women and offer cycling camps exclusively for women on the Spanish Island of Mallorca. Many of the women coming on the camps are drawn by travel and their love of cycling. Often without other females in their close friendship circle that share their passion/obsession with cycling and wanting everything prepared for them on the perfect cycling adventure.

Learn About Yourself

Within our professional roles statistics show that the majority of highly paid jobs are fulfilled by men, therefore chances are that you are working alongside mainly men or your superiors are men. You are used to it. You maybe comfortable with it, or it may frustrate you. Then let's look at cycling, it is a male dominated sport where women are often made to feel like imposters.

On a Girls Get Strong Cycling camp you develop your skills is a safe, supportive, non judgmental environment.. and you won't have any mensplaining. For Girls Get Strong Cycling our cycling the camp is more than just cycling, but for women to be around other inspiring women, without the male dominance. It's a great chance for us to learn more about ourselves and learn from each other.

Feel Like the Strong Cyclist You Are

Now, let's go to the cycling part. We hear from so many women saying that they worry they are too slow. Yes, women are generally not naturally as fast as men on the bike. We are built differently. So frustratingly, generally a woman has to train a lot more to be the speed of the average man. When you take men out of the equation and cycle alongside only fellow women, you will realise that you are strong and you can have a more realistic gauge of where you are as a cyclist.

Support Women Supporting Women

Coming away on a holiday to spend the week with a group of strangers can feel intimidating. So when you know it is just women you can feel like you are in the safety of the company of supportive women like yourself. We know women can comparative towards each other in a negative way at times. But everyone coming on our cycling camps are there to spend the week with other women and want to have a positive experience.

Women's Cycling Needs You

I expect that many of us have experienced that as women we have less opportunities as a female cyclist than our male counterparts. From the range of equipment and clothing, the dominance of men in cycling clubs and events, to the inequality in women's racing. If women put themselves out more it's going to help with stepping a foot in the right direction.

Travel the World With Women That Share Your Passion

The best things in life are best done shared. On a Girls Get Strong Cycling camp, not only will the team share your passion, know the best places to visit but you can enjoy with a group of women that also love to travel, meet new people and build their experience as cyclists.

If you want to feel inspired and have an unforgettable cycling experience with like minded women Book a Free Discover Call to tell us what you would like to gain from our cycling camps.

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