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5 Reasons you Should Cycle Through the Winter

As the nights close in and the winter is approaching is it tempting to hang your bike up for the winter. But, don’t deny yourself of the pleasures of cycling and fall victim of becoming a fair weather cyclist. Here are 5 reasons to motivate you to keep pedaling through seasons.

  • It will maintain your level of fitness. Don’t lose all the hard work you have put in over the summer. Even if you can’t get out as often still ensure you get out regularly to keep a good level of fitness.

  • You can immerse yourself in nature and the environment by experiencing all the seasons. Although some of the weather does cause challenges it will bring new experiences. Being outdoors in nature does improve your mood, so you should always come back in a better mood.

  • It will toughen you up and face your fears. You will feel more alive and it will help make you a stronger and more resilient person.

  • By there being fewer cyclists out on the road you can make closer friendships with others. By experiencing the cold temperatures outdoors you form close bonds and honor each other for your efforts.

  • Once you stop, it’s hard to get going again to get going again, so keep the momentum.

Check out my post on How to Train Through Bad Weather for some practical tips. Also, don't feel a failure if you opt to train on an indoor for some of your rides.

Share in the comment what you think would help motivate you to cycle through the winter.

Book a Discovery Call with me to find out how you can become a stronger cyclist this winter.

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