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Aerodynamics Explained

Updated: May 6

When cycling we use up a lot of energy by overcoming air resistance. As we are moving by bike, the bike itself and the rider provide resistance that stops us moving faster. In fact by a huge 80%.

It's even more important when you are cycling into a headwind!

How we can use Aerodynamics to go faster?

You will feel the benefits of aerodynamics when cycling on the flat. Also, when descending, sometimes you will go fast by getting into an aero position rather than pedalling.

The easiest thing you can do is move your hands down to your drops, rather than being in an upright position, this will reduce the drag of your body as you move through the air.

You can visit a bike fitter to adjust your positioning, they will also look at how comfortable you are in a bike.

Some cyclist spend a lot of money to become more aerodynamic, some bike frames are designed to be aerodynamic, along with wheels, aerosuits, helmets, aerobars.

Who can benefit from aerodynamics?

Time-trialists have the biggest need for being aero. Drafting is not permitted so they are exposed to a lot of air resistance. The difference is huge in the time they can save through use of aerodynamics. Anyone on their bike can move into a position that will provide less resistance to the air and also slow themselves down by sitting up. With experience you can get to know how to manipulate the air with your drag to your own a advantage.

Things to consider with aerodynamics

If you are experiencing discomfort on the bike than I would not recommend trying to adapt a more aerodynamic position. Also, often it's hard to breath when in the aero position due to a compressed diaphragm.

Share in the comments, are you aware of aerodynamics when you are on your bike?

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