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Balancing Stress and Overtraining

For many of us cycling is a great antidote to our stress. It can enable us to disconnect from the stressed of our lives. We can get outdoors and put our frustrations into tackling that climb. We can work hard, but don't really have to think what to do.

However, there is a balance needed. Have you ever noticed that after doing a long cycle, or after a hard week of training you can feel irritable and the smallest things annoy you.

Of course its normal to feel a little tired from cycling and the benefits for relieving stress are also there. But we advise that you don't always rely on cycling as your go to for stress management and learn to manage your stress in other ways so you do not get a double burn out. Ok, we know some of these might be a challenge, but learning to do nothing is a skill. It can help us become more reflective and know when our body needs rest.

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