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Be a Better Climber in 2022!

They say that it never gets easy, you only get faster. Very true when it comes to hills.

Hills are a great way to test your strength as a cyclist. Some love them, many hate them, but as cyclist we all want to getting better at them.

Here are 5 tips that could help improve your hill climbing!

  • The most important one is to climb hills and put out a steady, but hard pace to get to the top. Be prepared to suffer!

  • Practice interval training. By doing intervals outside or on the indoor trainer set by a coach you become stronger to tackle the hills.

  • Ensure you are selecting the correct gears and cadence for the climb.

  • Breath deeply. Don't panic and breath deep, and depending on the gradient, push hard and get into a rhythm.

  • Ride with a group. Find a group to ride with, and try and try and keep up with those faster than you.

If you want to get faster in hills in 2022, book a free Discover Call to talk with us about how are coaching works

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