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Breathing when Climbing

There is a lot of techniques and apps out there that we can use to improve our breathing such as the Wim Hof method where you withstands extreme situations and achieving remarkable things through practicing his breathing techniques.

The box breathing method is a simple technique which can be used to calm you down from fight or flight mode and to relax the body and improve focus.

How to practice the box breathing method.

  1. Close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose for 4 slow counts as the air enters your nose.

  2. Now hold your breath for 4 counts

  3. Now slowly exhale over 4 counts.

How you can use this practice in climbing

When climbing do you often find that you are breathing in and out soo fast that it's trying to keep up with your heart rate?

By practicing slower breathing you can get more oxygen it your lungs and also feel more focused and relaxed to take on the climb. So practice the box breathing method at home and put it into practice when out on your bike, only make sure you keep your eyes open.

Another tip that we often find quite counterintuitive to our breathing is to try and practice climbing with a fast cadence and slow breathing. So when you approach the climb I advice going into the easiest gear possible and at a faster cadence, if possible. Now don't try and breath to the rhythm of your pedals, you will be more effective up the climb practicing slower deeper breathing.

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