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Building a Stronger Body vs. Having the Best Bike?

Updated: May 6

The saying goes that the number of buy we own should always be N+1, being that we always need a new bike. Yes, getting a new bike is exciting and there is always development of new technology that is going to give you some advantage in going faster. However, don't get too hung up in the bike being the answer to everything. There are plenty of things you can do that are going to improve your average speed on the rides and help you get up hills faster.

Many of us will be going back to our old bikes over winter, however don't get frustrated with it being heavier, remember that it's the rider that has the potential not the bike!

On Bike Training

By practicing in interval training you can improve your cardiovascular system so you can put more power into your pedals on the bike, you won't get tired and burn out as quickly. You can follow a structured training plan or just find a stretch of road or hill to do repeats on it. What ever you do, be consistent with it, practicing the same things will make you improve.

Off Bike Training

You can train your body to become a stronger cyclist off the the bike, by building stronger muscles. By regularly practicing weight training and straightening your core you can become stronger and help with better recovery from cycling. Check out these strength exercises for cyclists.

By becoming more flexible you will also be able to move around on the bike for better positioning.

Having a new bike can motivate you to get out more and improve your fitness from there, but always remind yourself that it's you the cyclist that can make the real difference.

To transform yourself as a cyclist, book a free discovery call.

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