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Building Your Mental Toughness On The Bike

Much of our success as cyclist depends on how much we are willing to push ourselves. If you are putting lots of hours in the bike and getting frustrated that you are not getting any faster, then this post is for you.

  1. The easiest way to push yourself is cycle up more hills, if you are finding you are avoiding hills you are not doing yourself any favours into becoming a stronger cyclist. They are tough and they will make you tough physically and mentally.

  2. Enter an event that scares you a little. We can easily get into our comfort zones within cycling, but it's it more interesting to take on new experiences. So take a step into doing something that is somewhat of a challenge to comprehend into achieving. This can give us the push to ensure we actually train for it and ultimately become a stronger cyclist from it.

  3. Don't be afraid of being the one at the back. There always has to be the slowest in the group. By finding a group that is a little bit more than a comfortable pace can push us to work harder. Don't see it as an embarrassment, see it as a great training session. Use that fire of frustration to fuel yourself to push you harder.

  4. Be consistent in your training. Don't give up on your time on the bike because things get in the way. Don't create reasons why you shouldn't go cycling. If a reason does not stop anyone, it's just an excuse rather than a roadblock causing you not to go cycling.

  5. Practice interval training. Instead of riding the same pace for the whole ride, practice short bursts of all out efforts for 2-5mins.

  6. Get a coach and have them tell you what to do. Putting your trust into someone else, can sometimes take courage, they will make you put in the hard work.

  7. This one might sound a bit contrary to what you think about being tough. Take regular rest days. Tell yourself that you are not invincible and good recovery will go a long way. So take a day and put your feet up every now and then.

To let me help you become a tougher cyclist physically and mentally, I love to talk to you, so Book a Free Discovery Call

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