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Celebrate International Women's Day

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

International Women's Day can mean different things to different people. I'm sure as women we all have our own story about how at some point in our lives we have felt ignored or a sense of injustice within their personal or professional lives.

Times are changing women are given their voice. But sometime it takes courage to speak out and fall into our cultural expectations on what a women should be and behave.

Break the Bias in Cycling

Cycling is still very much seen as a men's sport. It's that way with many sports. Who know why? It's just a social thing, so women tend to be given less opportunities to cycle.

I talk to a lot of women about their experiences as cyclist. These are a few things that are quite common, and here is some simple logic how we should challenge it by breaking the bias!

'None of my friends like to keep fit and don't cycle'.

Why should women not be looking after their health and wanting to challenge themselves.

'There was a whole shop full of men's clothes and just one rail for women'

Women love to shop... and I know they love to buy cycling kit!

'I am not strong and am always the one at the back'

Women are built differently to men, we are not as strong. That's why it is important to provide women's only rides and races.

'I got into cycling later in life'

It is amazing so many women have taken up cycling later in life. But why have we not be doing it all our lives. Where sport is always encouraged to boys at a young age!

You can be a cyclist, you can be strong and you can be feminine all at the same time. So let's celebrate all the amazing women out there that have taken the courage to behave with integrity of what matters to them and break the stereotypes.

At Girls Get Strong Cycling, we solely support women in becoming stronger cyclists. Book a Discovery Call to find out how you can take your passion to the next level.

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