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Celebrate International Women's Day as a Female Cyclist

🚴‍♀️💜Happy International Women's Day 💜🚴‍♀️

As today is International Women's day we are going to share why we think cycling is such a great sport to empower women.


I have never met a female cyclist that has not said how getting out on a bike gives them a sense of freedom. The freedom to be out in the fresh air, the freedom to explore new routes and generally the freedom just to be on 2 wheels.

Gives us the Opportunity to get some time away from the stereotypes

By carving that time out to get out on your bike, you are doing something positive for yourself. I'm sure for many of us if we were not out cycling we would be the one stuck at home doing the housework or glued to our work commitments longer than necessary.

You Can Be a Great Role Model

Unfortunately statistics show that less women participate in sport and it's shown in the media. Whether you are amateur or pro, by getting out on the bike and been seen in the public eye. That means on social media, at your local club or just out there on the road.

We Can Prove That We Are Strong

Frustratingly women are often perceived as the weaker sex. We certainly are not, when you see what we can achieve on the bike, it's proves women are strong. Not only does it give us physical strength but also mental resilience that is needed to push the boundaries of what at times if often perceived and impossible.

Build Communities where Women Support Women

Cycling is a great way in which we can support other women. Generally cycling is a very supportive sport. I think for every cyclist starting out they only need to reach out and there are many people out there to share their experiences. I think perhaps as cycling is dominated by men, women have set up women only communities to share their passions with other women giving opportunities to inspire and support each other.

So huge kudos to all the women that take on challenges and get out on their bikes this International Women's Day!

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