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Celebrate Your Successes of 2021

With 2021 almost done and dusted, it seems to be a year painted in the media as one we would like to forget. Although if you remember, it started with the message being that 2021 is going to be better than 2020!

Maybe let's not make that mistake again. Instead of living in hope that 2022 will be better let's take matters into our own hands. Let's celebrate all the strengths and great things that we have achieved this year. I know it's hard. Naturally we tend to focus on the negatives, but taking this negative approach will only attract further negativity. We can always choose to look to the positives.

As a female cyclist here are some great things we can see as success.

  1. Look at the distance that you completed on your bike

  2. How many friends and connections have you made through cycling

  3. You have an amazing bike

  4. You look great in cycling kit

  5. What events did you take part in this year (can be bog or small)

Having that positive mindset is only going to help build you to an even stronger cyclists for 2022. To talk with me about your goals for 2022 Book a Free Discovery Call

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