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Challenge Your Cycling Through Events

With events on the cards for later this year, they are a great way to motivate ourselves and also gain experience and improve ourselves as cyclist, whether it be sportives, Time Trials, Crits, Road Races or Hill Climbs.

When selecting events if really good to be mindful how it's going to challenge you and what your goals are for the event.

Challenge Yourself

It can become quite easy to do the same events each year, which is fine, but try to do something that is going to challenge you physically and mentally to bring you new experiences.

Be aware of the outcomes

Nothing is set in stone, but have some awareness of how you want to use the races to help you improve. Perhaps you want to be challenged over longer distances, or you want to improve your aero positioning in a Time Trial, or you want to improve your cornering in a crit. Have awareness of your weaknesses and the presence of the event will help you get there.

Set Your Own Goals

Chances are that you are not going to win the event, but sometimes we are just winners for getting to the start line. Ensure that your goals are realistic and personal to you. Everything is a learning experience.

To talk with me about achieving you cycling goals Book a Free Discovery Call.

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