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Coping with a Cycling Injury

For many cyclists we have suffered injuries from time to time. These are often caused by an accident on the bike itself. The good news is that with most injuries you will make full recovery and you will get your fitness back. Some of us even come back even more determined.

Common feelings make come up after an injury

  • Stupidity that it was your fault

  • Resentment that others are out cycling when you can't

  • Frustration that you will be loosing your fitness.

  • Boredom of having your freedom taken away

  • Feel useless.

  • Isolation of not being able to see your friends cycling

What you loose in fitness you can gain in mental determination

With the guidance from a doctor or physio do what you can to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy

  • Remind yourself that this is as much of a mental challenge as physical one

  • Keep yourself occupied with activities that are good for your mental and physical health within the limitations of your injury, such as getting outdoors for a walk or even just breathing exercises in the outdoors.

  • If it is safe to do so, ride on an indoor trainer

  • Be with people that understand your pain

  • Be alone if it feels right

  • Remember everything is temporary!

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