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Creating Healthy Habits

Updated: Feb 15

Do you find that we often get excited about the prospect of starting something new.

  • I entered a race

  • I started a new diet

  • I have a new coach

  • I have a new bike

  • I booked a cycling holiday

  • I booked an event to train for

How many of us are guilty of getting excited at the start and losing interest when things get in the way and the excitement fails. What happens? Nothing, we just go back to our old ways that we wanted to get out of.

Imagine if all of us stuck to working towards our goals and did not get distracted along the way. Where would we be?

It is hard to create healthy habits and let go of the bad ones but over time they do stick.

We are all habitual beings, so can ensure that our habits are healthy ones.

Identify with the person you want to be.

Have confidence to identify with the person you want to be and disassociate yourself with your bad habits.

Be Patient

It takes time to see results. Also, once you do get results the progress is slower. Many of us give up from the leap from beginner. We crave the excitement involved in it each time. So will reach a certain level in one sport, then move onto another sport once the progress is less noticeable. But imagine if we stuck with the same sport? The same can be said for our habits.

Be prepared to make changes

You may have to make changes and make some sacrifices in your life. Many of us will drop off our healthy regime, but an unwillingness not give up on activities or beliefs that are negative to our well being. Always remind yourself what is more important. Is getting out on your bike on a Saturday more important than having a few glasses of wine on a Friday night? I can often be something as simple as getting to bed earlier.

Be Reflective

Always be reflective if you have not performed well one day, or something seems like a struggle as yourself why. Take the time to remind yourself how far you have come and the amazing journey along the way.

Above all don’t give up!

Yes, having habits is often less exciting than the excitement that surrounds you when you start something new. But what do you want to be known for?

Share in the comments, what healthy habits do you have that people know you for?

To talk with me about implementing your own healthy habits Book a Free Intro Call

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