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Cycling and Photography Part 1

Before I was a coach I was a photography lecturer and I also studied photography at university. Cycling became a huge inspiration for photography for me. I would like to get up early and see the sunrise, visit new places to photograph. Cycling would take me to beautiful places that were truly photographable. No matter where I was even if I had done the same route numerous times, each time the light would be different the air felt different and my mind would be different so different things would catch my attention.

In fact my tattoos are inspired by my cycling adventures. I would take photographs when out cycling, pass them on to my tattooist and he would create drawings to be tattooed. So it takes the creative process to different levels and collaborates with other creative minds.

When is the best time to combine cycling and photography?

This really depends on you and your creative mind. I would say that you have to go out with the goal to take photos or you often forget and regret that you don’t have the beautiful photos to evidence your rides. Your weekend endurance rides are often best, when you are not in a rush or you don’t have any specific targets to get to in your training. The creative part of photography is that you don’t know what will inspire you, but acknowledge what does and document it with your camera. You may enjoy to photograph landscapes, other cyclists, yourself or document cycling culture. Don’t be put off if your photos are not great. Firstly, keep on practicing to improve and secondly let others judge your art.

The great thing about modern technology is that we always have a camera with us. Look out for Cycling and Photography Part 2 where I will be sharing different options of cameras to capture your cycling moments.

Also, the other great thing about modern technology is we have a platform to share your work, so keep photographing and posting on social media through instagram and facebook to get your photos seen.

Share in the comments your best cycling photos.

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