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Cycling and Photography Part. 2

Earlier I shared with you how to be inspired with photography whilst cycling with, Cycling and Photography Part. 1. I will now share some practical advice on how best to take your photos and options of cameras to use whilst negotiating cycling and photography.

Your phone

The most obvious and accessible option is your phone. Chances you have it with you already on your ride. If you are skilled you will be able to take photos whilst you ride. For many you will have to stop to take your photographs and videos. You can keep your phone in your back pocket, but I would recommend keeping it in a plastic case to avoid it getting wet from sweat.

The pros of using your phone are that you can instantly upload your photos to Instagram and facebook to share with your friends and fellow riders.

Cons are that you may have to stop to get out your phone.

Action Cameras

Action cameras can be mounted onto your bike, or even your helmet. Garmin even have their own camera that can be controlled by your headunit. Gopro are also a popular brand that mounts for your bike and helmet.

The pros of using an action camera is that you can capture the action whilst you ride.

The cons are that you cannot control or see what you are filming, images do often look the same as limited composition depending where the camera is mounted. Also, you do have to take the time to upload, review and edit your footage after.

An SLR Camera

If you are really into your photography you can bring your SLR camera on your ride with you. You can shoot in digital or in film (you can still send your films off to be processed for you). There are many straps on the market specifically designed for this.

The pros of bringing your camera is that you will get some great quality shots.

Cons are that it is going to add extra weight to your ride and something to carry around your shoulder.

Share in the comments your cycling snaps and also how you took the photo.

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