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Cycling in Hot Weather

Perhaps you have a cycling trip coming up or you are experiencing a heat wave, you may find yourself cycling in some weather that is a little too hot for the liking. It does feel great to be under the sunshine rather than in the rain or clouds, but it's advisable to take some precautions.

Be mindful that when exercising, your body temperature rises. Just look at the pool of sweat that you find yourself in when you are train on your indoor trainer. The same happens when you are outdoors, however you do get a small amount of cooling benefit from the wind.

It's useful to keep in mind that training in the heat does cause more stress on your body, so maybe you are not going to get any PB's on the climbs and that you may need extra rest to compensate the hard efforts.

Here some tips for cycling in hot weather:

  • You body does acclimatise to the heat, so if possible gradually increase your time cycling in hot temperatures.

  • Drink lots of water, it may seem obvious but many of us are not into the habit of drinking regularly, so plan your routes and plan where you will fill up with water. If you neglect hydration you are likely to spend the rest of the day completely depleted on energy (a tip is to freeze your bottles overnight, so at least when you start they will be cool.

  • Get out at as early as possible. Beat the heat and start your rides earlier when it's generally cooler.

  • Take regular breaks, remember that just by stopping cycling you are cooling your body temperature down, so take breaks, find some shade or even better an air-conditioned cafe, to bring down your core temperature.

  • Put ice down your back to keep you cool.

  • Don't forget suncream, even if it is cloudy you will still be exposed to the suns rays.

I hope you have some great rides under the sunshine this season.

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