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Cycling in Mallorca

Mallorca is known as cycling paradise. Once you have visited here you will certainly understand why. The climate is well suited to cyclists, the roads are well looked after, the drivers are generally respectful of cyclist and there are some of the worlds most beautiful routes.

The Climate

Mallorca is perfect for cycling all year round, apart from June - August where is it just too hot to get out on your bike. September - November and April - May can feel very warm and generally you will be safe just wearing shorts and a jersey, expect to be cycling under the sunshine at around 20 degrees/70 Fahrenheit.

For December - March it's very calming on the island, a little colder in the mornings, but will get up to about 12 degrees/60 Fahrenheit.

Mallorca gets around 300 days of sunshine a year!

The Terrain

Part of the island is reasonably flat and then to the west of the island you will find the Tramuntana mountains which is a world heritage site. The longest climb is Puig Major, probably the most challenging is Sa Calobra and the most beautiful is Cap Formentor.

In the centre of the island is know as Pla, or planes of Mallorca. There are some beautiful villages such as Ariary and Arta. You will also find some spectacular climbs, mainly all to monasteries. The biggest to Randa and Monti-Sion known for being very scenic.

Where to stay

I always get asked where is good to stay for cycling in Mallorca. Anywhere on the island is great for cycling. However different areas and different types of accommodation will offer different characteristics. Most of the tourists will stay in the Alcúdia and Pollença area where you can easily find a hotel, many of which will cater for cyclists. Although theses areas are very popular they are not the easiest to reach from the airport.

If you want something a little more special have a look into hotels in the centre of the island set around nature or in small villages.

Another good option is Palma, the main city in Mallorca. It's great for shopping, there are loads of restaurants open all year round and you really are not as far as you think from the mountains. You can get to the Tramuntana mountains within 20km.

Our camps in Mallorca are quite special. We stay in stunning accommodation that is set in nature: From the moment you arrive at the airport you will be looked after but people that know cycling and know the island.

To find out more about our cycling camps. Book a free discovery call

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