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Cycling Through Your Monthly Cycle

There is a lot of science out there say how we should feel during different staged of our cycling in terms of exercise. However, talking with my clients on how their mensuration affects their training they claimed that it doesn't really impact how they take on their training. Only that some benefited from taking supplements. Some found that they sometimes had increased energy after their period and most agreed that they craved carbs prior to their period.

My advice on supplements would be not to start taking them until you have sought advice from a doctor or dietitian who has identified an deficiency, otherwise you could risk throwing yourself off balance, by taking things you don't need.

In terms of adapting training around your mensural cycle, it's not something that I think is completely necessary. It's good to acknowledge how you are feeling, but at the end of the day you can't decide when an event falls around your cycle, so it's good to train throughout to prepare for all situations.

Personally, I experienced amenorrhea (the absence of periods) for many years. I was reluctant to admit it at the time, but I now agree that it was due to stress and over training. So I think that we have to listen to when our period are irregular or severely painful that maybe we need to looking into training more wisely to find the underlying problem.

My period did come back and after 8 years through focusing on relieving my stress and smarter training. I happened on the day I rode Mallorca 312. To be fair riding 312km would have never been easy, but I was not going to give up on all the training I put in over my mensural cycle and I was happy with my result and performance regardless.

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