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Dealing with an Injury

Unfortunately many of us have from time to time have experienced and injury that prevents us from cycling. Whether it is from a cycling accident itself or from another incident that causes harm to us that prevents us being able to do what we love. It can be a difficult time to experience, not being able to use our bodies how we want.

There are lots of stages we can often go through from the trauma of the event, to the rehabilitation and to getting back on the bike. There is obviously the physical damage involved, but I think what plays the biggest impact is the emotional issues.

After an accident there can be so many feelings of shock, injustice, confusion and resentment. It's huge to one day having the freedom of enjoying your passion to the next having it taken away from you. I think having our freedom taken away is sometimes the hardest thing. We may now have to be reliant on others, miss out on being outdoors, have to cancel events that we trained so hard to get to and change our routine that we worked so hard to achieve. Now to be replaced by hospital and physio visits.

Cycling also has a lot to do with our identity. We can often feel a loss of who we are. From putting on our cycling clothes to what we experience on the bike and the goals we are working towards. Not to mention, that cycling is often acts as a great coping strategy in difficult times.

When experiencing these emotions it's important not to give yourself a hard time. Many cyclists come back stronger. Whilst you are not cycling you may want to take yourself away from cycling and do other activities. For some they find some peace keeping a part of it. There is no right or wrong, but it's important to be around people that uplift you and do things that make you feel positive.

Coming back can be frustrating, the most important thing is to readjust your goals. It could be that your 100km ride is now replaced by 20mins minimal effort on the turbo. We coach a

lot of women coming back from injury and often this is the hardest thing in getting back on the bike. In embarking on taking these baby steps. But it's important to remind yourself any bike on the bike is better than nothing.

When you come back to cycling, you probably won't be the same cyclist, you have been on a journey, be aware of the process and you will come back mentally stronger 💪

If you would like support getting back into cycling from an injury Book a free Discovery Call

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