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Did you used to be a runner?

For many of us cyclists, we embraced to the bike due to injuries from running. So why for so many of us have we turned from running to cycling?

I am one of the cyclists that started their fitness journey through running. I loved the sense of freedom and being outdoors. The technical aspects of cycling put me off initially, but I'm so glad I was converted to a cyclist.

The risk of running Injuries

Due to running being very impactive on your joints, so you are prone to more injuries. Many women take up cycling in place of running for this reason. Cycling is more of a resistance exercise than running, so you will build up more muscle in your legs, which ultimately is better for injury prevention.

Burning Calories

You do actually burn more calories whilst running. However, the great thing about cycling is that you have the potential to burn more calories overall as you can cycle for longer without the risk of injury. However, cycling does tend to take up much more of our time. Which is great as so many of us just love being out on our bikes.

The Freedom of the Great Outdoors

Many of us love the sense of freedom that we get from cycling. Yes, there is all the kit to think of and it does take longer to get out the door. But there is nothing more freeing that rolling on your bike through the countryside.

The Coffee Stop!

One of the benefits of cycling is that we get to enjoy a mid-ride coffee stop. Something we can't really do as runners due to digestion whilst running. However, both sports do provide a social network of positive and encouraging people.

If you want to progress at cycling, the best thing you can do is dedicate your time to time on the bike. However, due to running being quicker and less weather dependant, it's best to get out for a run rather than do nothing to support your fitness level.

To talk with me about your cycling goals Book a Free Discovery Call.

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