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Do I really Need a Rest Day?


Some of us are guilty of not cycling enough, whilst others are giving ourselves enough rest days.

Unfortunately, as much as would like to think we are invincible and can cycle until the end of time. But sometimes we need a rest day. I shared in a previous post about how you should schedule recovery days.

If we do not provide our bodies with enough recovery time we can head towards overtraining, which can cause longer term lack of performance or health problems.

My philosophy is not how hard you can train, it is how well rested you are to train at your best.

What are the signs of needing to take extra rest ?

  • The biggest indicator is irritability. If you are getting more annoyed about things than you usually would, it’s a sign that you are in need of letting your body rest. Your partner or close friends will probably recognise this before you.

  • If you start to stop enjoying cycling, I don’t mean it’s through the hills you are made to climb or the intervals that you do. More so the lack of passion, irritability and loss of sense of achievement.

  • Your legs feel heavy even after light training.

  • Poor quality of sleep

  • You just are not getting faster, or even slower where you are reaching a plateau

I understand that being the committed athletes that we are, we want to push ourselves harder and the idea of resting feels like quitting.

The good news is that over training can be easily resolved with the remedy of rest, so don’t feel guilty if you need to take a day on the sofa when you would usually be out on your bike.

Share in the comments, are you guilty of training too much or not enough?

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