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Don't compare yourself... learn from others

As women we can often be quite guilty of comparing ourselves to others and as a result feeling inadequate and not good enough.

Let's turn this around, when you see a cyclist who us better than you, try to feel inspired and think if they can do it you can also.

How we learn

I would say there are 2 ways of learning. Either we make a million mistakes and work hard to find a way, through experience and learn what works best.

Alternatively through listening to others experiences and applying it to our own practice.

Therefore at Girls Get Strong Cycling with like to create an environment free from judgement, but a place where female cyclists can share their successes, share their knowledge and share solutions to our problems. Ultimately it's an environment to become stronger cyclists and build our knowledge together.

If you are feeling stuck and frustrated, chances are that someone else has had the same problem.

If you are interested in transforming your cycling in an environment where women support other women learn more about our cycling camps and online cycle coaching

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