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Don't Compare Yourself to Others

We are all guilty at times of comparing ourselves to others and left with a sense of self loathing and unfulfillment. Are you asking yourself:

  • Why am I not as fast as them?

  • Why was I the last up the hill?

  • Why are they out cycling when I can’t?

We all know deep down that comparing ourselves is a road to a lock of positivity. It can lead to self resentment, loss of joy and can even cause us to quit altogether.

Build a sense of awareness and consider the following to build a more positive relationship with yourself and others.

Know you place

There will always be cyclists faster than you and there will always be cyclists slower than you. Get to know the groups in your local area and understand the speeds of the group. Don’t get annoyed if you are the one at the back of a fast group, see it as motivation for you to get faster.

Life isn’t fair

Annoyingly you will find cyclists that are newer to cycling than you and cycle less than you. Yes, it’s not fair, but you just have to accept it!

Take part in competitions

Competitions are great. It’s annoying and frustrating completing with others that aren’t competing with you. I always know who are the riders that compete in races as on a Sunday ride they are not changing the pace we approach each other. They are focused on what they are doing.

I love racing as it gives me an outlet to be competitive, it’s fair as we all have the same opportunities and you can truly tell how you are placed against others.

Feel inspired

Overall feel inspired by other cyclists. If others can do it, you can too!

There are always ways to get faster and improve on cycling! Comparing yourself to others is not one of them!

Share in the comments, how have other cyclists helped you with improve?

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